Motorcycle Shipping and How it’s Done

While there are many motorcycle shipping companies that ship only within the US, not all of them follow safety standards. In this blog post we are going to show you a typical process of how to secure a motorcycle before shipping occurs.

These images were provided by a motorcycle shipping company called AA Motorcycles.

img1A motorcycle is loaded inside an enclosed air-ride truck. The truck uses lift gates to easily elevate a motorcycle onto the truck.





Normally the loading is done inside the loading truck. In order to get better pictures of how motorcycles are generally secured, we opted to have the pictures taken in a warehouse. You can see that a small steel plate is put at the front of the crate to so the turck driver doesn’t have too much difficulty getting the bike onto the pallet.



Both sides are secured to the crate to prevent the motorcycle from moving side-to-side while on the road. It also keeps it from bouncing up and down. Sometimes we use metal crates too. Both the front and back side of the motorcycle are secured. We use a minimum of 4 braces to help prevent movement.

As shown here, the crate is then fastened to the interior of the truck’s wall. Both the front and back of the crate is secured to the wall. By doing this, it prevents the motorcycle from moving or slipping back and forth in the bed of the truck.




This is the final outcome of what your motorcycle will look like when it’s being transported across the US. Remember, this picture is what it looks like inside a truck. It look very similar if we are shipping a motorcycle overseas inside a container. But if it’s shipped inside a RoRo (Roll on Roll off) ship, then the motorcycle is secured to the deck of the ship instead of the wall of the container.

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