Saving Money on Overseas Car Shipping

410x273xshipping-car-by-container.jpg.pagespeed.ic.0hAERQllshAs an international car shipping company, we often have auto dealerships as well as domestic car shipping companies contact us to ship overseas. This blog post will show you how “you” can save money if you need to ship a car overseas. If the vehicle you are looking to ship is near one of the departure shipping ports in the US, then take the vehicle yourself to the shipping docks. We can meet you there. If your vehicle is far from the departure shipping docks and you don’t want to pay for the additional expenses of doing it yourself, then we can arrange a transport truck driver to meet with you or the designated person. A vast majority of people choose to have us pick up their car because it saves them time, money, and the hassle.
There are many domestic companies that will give car shipping rates only within the United States. If you run into a company that doesn’t specialize in international car shipping services, then you can expect to pay a premium. Try going directly to the source if you can instead of using a domestic car shipping company. One thing you can do is contact one of the local car shipping companies to see how much it would cost to get your car to the departure shipping docks. Sometimes you can contact a tow truck company, but that is normally not their business.

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One way to save money on overseas car shipping is to take the car to the shipping docks yourself. We have customers who send cars to their families or to dealerships overseas. These customers of ours drive to the departure port and then catch a Greyhound back to their city! Now that’s saving money! There are others who make a little road trip to the shipping docks and stop by a campground. They catch a train on the way back! I can share many stories of how our customers save money on overseas auto shipping and have fun doing it. Just be creative and think about what you can do to save money. The main area where a person can save money on auto shipping is before the car gets to the departure port.
If you have any questions regarding other shipping cost related to overseas car shipping, ask us in the comments box. We would be happy to share creative ways to save money for you.

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