US Military Car Shipping to Europe

We have many active duty members of the US armed forces who need to ship a car overseas. Our shipping lines depart from the US and arrive in Germany, UK and Belgium. We ship many cars for the US Army and Marines. If your car if far from one of the departure ports below, then we can arrange our truck transporter to meet with you or the designated person. The RoRo Departure Ports below are great if you are shipping one or two cars.

RoRo Ship Departure Ports
Tacoma, WA Long Beach, CA Galveston, TX Brunswick, GA Jacksonville, FL
Charleston, SC Baltimore, MD Newport News, VA Portsmouth, VA Newark, NJ

Our relation with the US military allows all US military family members to ship their cars at the same cost. While a private person shipping a car to Europe will need a free and clear title to ship their car to EU, an active military personnel (and dependents) don’t.  They will need to get a form of Authorization from their lender.

Container shipping should be used if an active duty service member is moving their car and their household items to a foreign country. There are shared containers and full containers. With shared container, you will be sharing the container with someone else. If you are moving furniture and other house hold items, then full container shipping may be a better solution. Below are the departure ports for full container shipping.

Cargo Ship Departure Ports for FULL Container Shipping
Oakland, CA Long Beach, CA Houston, TX Miami, FL
Savannah, GA Charleston, SC Newark, NJ




Cargo Ship Departure Ports for SHARED Container Shipping
Long Beach, CA Houston, TX Miami, FL
Charleston, SC Newark, NJ

Here is more information on shipping a car to Europe.

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