Pros and Cons of using a Transport Truck for Car Shipping

If I Am Relocating, Is It Cheaper to Ship or Drive My Car?

There is no simple answer to whether auto transport or driving your vehicle is cheaper. However, there are a number of costs and conveniences for you to consider.

Using Auto Transport
When you choose to ship your vehicle, you will incur two large out-of-pocket expenses: the cost of shipping your vehicle and the airfare to get to your destination. Another cost may include a rental car while you are waiting for your vehicle to be delivered. Most cross-country auto transport takes around 7-14 days.

The advantages of using auto transport are that you can get to your destination more quickly. That can be an advantage if you are starting a new job or don’t have much time for driving across the country.

Driving Your Vehicle
While driving your vehicle may include less big out-of-pocket expenses, there are plenty of costs to consider that sometimes surpass the costs of shipping your vehicle. Driving costs include fuel plus wear and tear on your vehicle. You also incur the costs of hotels and meals out. And, one of the hidden costs is lost work days.

One of the big advantages of driving is that it lets you see the country. If you can combine it with a vacation, it can be a great time to see some places you might have never seen otherwise. You just need to leave enough time to see things while still making progress towards your final destination.

So, whether auto transport or driving your own vehicle is cheaper depends on your personal situation. We hope that outlining the costs and advantages of each helps you make a more informed decision.

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