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Crowley car shipping to Puerto Rico

RoRo Car Shipping to Puerto Rico

RoRo (Roll on Roll off) is a car shipping method where that car must be in good enough mechanical condition to roll up and down the ramp of the ship. Normally RoRo shipping is the cheapest form of shipping when you are shipping only one car.

Your car cannot ave anything inside of it expect for the spare tire and the jack. The trunk must be empty expect for those two things. 1/4 tank of gas is permitted, but anything more will need to be drained for safety reasons.

As you can see from the image, your car will be loaded onto the ship from the rear. Once your car is aboard the ship, it'll be secured to the ship's deck to keep it from moving while out to sea.

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Shipping a Car from Puerto Rico to USA:

1. For car exporting, a $10 receipt is needed from your nearest Excise Tax Collection Office in Puerto Rico. This is also known as Colecturia. Main Offices • Puerto Nuevo 787-783-3010 • Isla Grande 787-721-1389 • Zona Libre 787-782-8925 • Base Muñiz 787-791-0525 Regional Offices • San Juan 787-723-5277 • Bayamón 787-785-2268 • Arecibo 787-279-2952 • Aguadilla 787-891-0752 • Mayaguez 787-834-0638 • Ponce 787-842-6261 • Caguas 787-743-2111 • Humacao 787-850-4088 • Carolina 787-276-5620

2. You will need a letter certifying the car has no tickets. This letter must be obtained from "Obras Publicas". The letter will expire 5 days from date of issue.

3. The department of Agriculture in the United Stated requires you to get a receipt from a car wash or gas station for “motor & chassis” steam cleaning. This receipt will expire 2 days from the date of issue.

4. When the car is being dropped off at the terminal, a copy of both the title and registration will be needed.

5. All alarms should be disengaged (turned off). We assume no liability for electrical or mechanical problems.

6. Payment must be made by credit card, money order or cashier's check before the vehicle sails. We can send an invoice through email.

7. Once the car is at the terminal, you have to go to the Stolen Vehicles Division at the Police Station. This is located at: Cerra Street 15th Parada Fernandez in Juncos. The phone number there is 787-725-1690. When you are there, you have to show them the $10 receipt from the Excise Tax Collections Office (from #1 above). You will also need to show them the certified letter from Obras Publicas and a copy of the title & registration of the car. While at the police station, they will make you fill out more paperwork, but not that much more. They just want to make sure you are not stealing the car.

8. It should take about 6 days for your car to get from PR to the Jacksonville, Florida terminal. It would be faster, but the ship has to stop at one or two ports after it leaves San Juan. If you need the car to go further, we can arrange a car transporter to deliver it anywhere in the US. It will come at an additional cost, but it should be less expensive than buying a one way airline ticket and paying all the gas, food and hotel.

9. A $6 terminal fee will be charged if your car is there for more than a week.

This information was written by Francisco Meza.

If you have any questions regarding shipping a car to Puerto Rico, please feel free to ask below.