Shipping a Car to Dominican Republic


Ship Car to Dominican Republic

We have been shipping cars to DR for 3 decades. If this is your first time shipping a car, we only need the Year/Make/Model of your car, Pickup Zip Code, and destination country (in this case DR) to get you pricing.

This page should answer every question ranging from us picking up your car to when you receive it. Also, we talk about the pricing of transporting the car to DR for you AND the who to call for the import fees. Import fees are not part of our quote because those have to be paid at the port.

Pick Up

No matter what part of the US your car is located, we can pick it up for you and bring it to the shipping port. When you get a free quote, you’ll see a line that says “Ground Trucking”. This is an optional charge. If you want to take the car to the shipping port and save the money, compare the costs of what you’ll spend on gas, hotel, and airfare.

Departure Shipping Ports

This is a list of departure ports in USA where the shipping lines go to Dominican Republic

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Houston, TX
  • Port Everglades, FL
  • Freeport, TX
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Brunswick, GA

Arrival at Shipping Terminal in Dominican Republic

All shipments will arrive in either Santo Domingo. This is where the person you designate to pick up the car will go. That person will need to bring cash to pay for the tax.

Cost to Ship a Car to Dominican Republic

Here are some starting costs to ship a car to Dominican Republic from USA.

$800 from Freeport, TX to Santo Domingo, DR

$800 from Port Everglades, FL to Santo Domingo, DR

$800 from Jacksonville, FL to Santo Domingo, DR

$800 from Brunswick, GA to Santo Domingo, DR

$800 from Baltimore, MD to Santo Domingo, DR

$800 from Newark, NJ to Santo Domingo, DR

Whatever port you ship from will include port-to-port shipping. If you opt for door-to-port shipping, then there will be an extra charge for us to pick up your car from your house or dealership.

roro ship leaving USA and going to Dominican Republic

Vehicle Import Tax & Duty

Before submitting your quote, find out how much the import taxes are going to be. You want to know this upfront so you know if it’s worth even importing your vehicle to DR.

Here is the contact information for our Customs Broker in the Dominican Republic. She will tell you exactly what you’ll pay.

Yasmin Brito Batista’s
Phone: 1-809-330-1560

Vehicle Age Limits

No cars can be older than 5 years old. Most people do not ship a brand new car with zero miles.

If you want to see the date of manufacture for any car, open the door and look between the door and the doorjamb.

Here’s a pic of where to find the date of manufacture. MAKE SURE your car is not older than 5 years old.

Storage Fees

5-7 calendar days free.

After that, it’s $10/day.

Optional Marine Insurance

Marine insurance covers damage to your car while the vessel is at sea. Hurricane season is from June 1st and ends on November 30th. Marine insurance costs 1.75% of whatever amount of money you want to cover. For instance, to cover $10,000 worth of damage, the cost of marine insurance would be $175.

You can learn more about marine insurance here.

Documents Required to Ship Car to Dominican Republic

  1. Original Title
  2. Copy of Consignee’s Identification

Shipping Methods

RoRo Shipping to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

RoRo – Roll On, Roll Off

Cars will be delivered to Santo Domingo, DR via a RoRo ship. Your car will be driven up a ramp and onto a ship. It will not go via a container. The benefit of a RoRo ship is that your car will be inside the ship and protected from the elements. All shipments depart weekly from the shipping ports listed above.

Payment Methods

Credit Card & Zelle

Most people pay with a credit card. There is a 3% service fee if you pay by credit card. If you have Zelle Pay, there is no fee because it’s bank-to-bank. You can sign up for Zelle here.

Wire Transfer or Cashier’s Check

Most people who are not in USA pay by wire transfer. If you choose to pay via wire transfer, we will send you our banking information once your order is placed.

Canceling Your Order

If for some reason you need to cancel your order, there’s a $300 cancelation fee.

Additional Information

USA Customs Clearance

Ship Overseas, Inc. will clear US customs for you. This is included in your order.

Who Can Pickup Your Car in DR.

Only the owner or consignee (the person designated on the paperwork) are allowed to pick up the car in Santo Domingo. Whoever picks up the car should make sure they have extra cash on hand to pay for the fees that will be charged at the port.