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Ship Overseas Helm
Charles - Lagos , Nigeria
12 Dec 2013
In a few words I'll say ship overseas has the best customer service I've experienced in recent times. The few who have attended to me Gary, Scott, Miron, Jack and Paula are without a doubt the most outstanding team one can hope for. I feel totally comfortable working with ship overseas. Keep it up guys.
Destination Country - Lagos, Nigeria.
Shopper Approved Review
12 Dec 2013
Service was very satisfactory from the first call. Questions were answered and clarifications were offered where there was doubt. The documents were mailed back on time for clearing in destination.
Destination Country - Nigeria
Shopper Approved Review
Opara Oluwafemi Austin - lagos ,
08 Oct 2013
My name is Mr Opara Oluwafemi Austin. I am a nigerian but live in Shanghai, China. I contacted shipoverseas via the internet to pick up a mazda millennia on my behalf and ship to Nigeria. Just like magic everything was done accordingly and the car arrived Nigeria safely with any problems.
Thank you so much shipoverseas for a wonderful service
Destination Country - Lagos,Nigeria
Shopper Approved Review
star0star1star2star3star4 abimbola O - NJ, United States 08 Oct 2013 Excellent service and good customer service relationship. i was glad i shipped through you Destination Country NigeriaShopper Approved Review
star0star1star2star3star4 Ade O - Kent, United Kingdom 08 Oct 2013 Excellent customer service. Very competitive pricing. I will definitely use them again. Destination Country NigeriaShopper Approved Review
star0star1star2star3star4 Peter - DC, United States 08 Oct 2013 First time shipper and was pleased with their services. Destination Country NigeriaShopper Approved Review
star0star1star2star3star4 Solomon F - Lagos, 24 Sep 2013 It was a great experience cause the shipment arrived exactly 4 weeks and everything was in good shape. Destination Country Nigeria.Shopper Approved Review
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USA Departure Ports & Nigeria Arrival Port

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Since many people only ship 1 car to Nigeria from USA, RoRo shipping is commonly used. As you can see from the image, your car must be able to roll on and off the ship. RoRo car shipping to Nigeria is less expensive than container shipping. The only drawback of using RoRo shipping is many times the ships are filled to max capacity which can delay shipment by 1 week. Once you have your booking confirmation, you don’t have to worry about this. RoRo car shipping is the default for people shipping only 1 car.

The following are some requirements for RoRo shipping:
  • A clean Title of Ownership is required. It must be signed over to the new owner of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle/truck must run, drive, and have brakes to be shipped on this method.
  • No goods are permitted inside of the vehicle except the Jack, Spare tire and the tools that came with the original purchase of the car.
  • Don't fill the gas tank! It can only be 1/4 full. Anything above 1/4 tank will be drained.
  • Use the container shipping method if you are shipping 2 or more cars at a time. Shared container shipments with other cars are available from some ports, but not all. Exclusive container shipments are also available whereby a customer may load more than one vehicle and personal goods in the container. This is usually more expensive.

    One of the benefits of container car shipping to Lagos is you can put boxes inside the truck of your car (up to 150 pounds). However one of the drawbacks of using container shipping is when a person uses shared containers. Our shipping line will not send a container until it’s filled. This means your car may be sitting on the pier inside a container until it can be filled. Since there is a lot of volume going to Nigeria, this normally isn’t a problem.

    If you are shipping a car to Nigeria, but that car doesn't run, you will need to ship it inside a container.

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