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Remember when you place your order, you do not have to pay immediately. You can pay once you car is at the docks.

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We are an International Car Shipping Company specializing in shipping cars from USA to all Latin America. For over 25 years we have successfully shipped 1000′s of cars to Central America. Costa Rica & Guatemala seem to be the chosen destinations to commute to surrounding areas. Hundreds of people in the United States ship cars to their loved ones and have the cars sent to Costa Rica or Guatemala. From there they drive the car back to their respective country.

Many of our previous customers ship cars once and that’s it. Other customers make a business out of it and ship multiple cars at once or they frequently ship cars every month.

Additional Information:
  • A Title of Ownership free and clear of any liens.
  • Bill of Sale is required to be presented along with the Title in many Latin American countries.
  • Taxes are payable when the car is delivered.
  • Taxes for individuals bringing in vehicles have to be checked with their local import offices as they have been known to change often.
  • Normally it doesn't matter how old your car is. You can ship a new or used car.
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