Ship a Car from UK to USA


We offer shipping from UK to USA. If you need to import your car to USA and are not familiar with the procedures, please glance below at the requirements. Ship Overseas will do the shipping and customs clearance. Once your car arrives here in USA, you have the option to pick it up yourself (or designate someone) or we can take it from the port to your house.

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Import a Car to USA from UK

Please note that to register cars in the USA they have to be 25 years or older, unless the car originated in the USA and is returning. Temporary imports into the USA are available for other vehicles for a period of up to one year. Our shipping rate is based on a RORO service. This includes ocean freight, terminal handling and customs clearance from point of origin. The price does not include any fees at destination or customs entry charges into the USA. We can provide this service if requested

USA Arrival Ports from UK

Newark, NJ
Baltimore, MD
Charleston, SC
Brunswick, GA
Jacksonville, FL
Galveston, TX
Long Beach, CA
Tacoma, WA

UK Departure Ports

Southampton, UK
More Departure Ports to Come Soon!

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If you want to know the details about importing cars to USA from UK, please read this.