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Your outstanding customer service and flexibility with our constantly changing itinerary ensured smooth transport of our family vehicle. Thanks for the help!

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When importing a car to France, importers often choose car shipping as a means of transporting the vehicle. Depending on various factors, there are different shipping methods to choose from. Read on for an overview of the most frequently used methods for car shipping from the US.

RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) shipping

RoRo shipping is a shipping method for transporting wheeled cargo like motor cars and motorcycles. Just as the name suggests, the vehicles are driven onto and off a RoRo ship by using a ramp. Once the vehicles are loaded into the ship, they are tied in particular spots using unyielding chains to enhance stability during transit. Apart from being highly efficient, the method has proven to be more cost-effective than other techniques. When compared to container shipping, RoRo method is seen as somewhat more reliable because it allows for well-laid arrival and departure times.

Shared container shipping

Some shippers who wish to import their car to France from the USA find this method more convenient because it allows for the shipment of personal belongings along with the car, which is not the case with RoRo shipping. With shared container shipping, vehicles are loaded into a container until it’s full. The car owners share the cost of the shipment. Other financial charges are also lower because the cars share a container. However, this method doesn’t give the exact departure or arrival times like RoRo.

Exclusive container shipping

Unlike the shared container shipping method, with exclusive container shipping, every vehicle is shipped in its own separate container. This is an ideal option if, for instance, you want to import a classic car from the USA to France along with some personal items. This method is more expensive than RoRo shipping or the shared container. This is because the cost of the latter methods is divided among the owners of the vehicles while the burden of all the expenses in the exclusive option falls on a single car owner.

Additional services

Instead of hiring a different company to transport the car to the US ports, it is always advisable to hire a company that offers both shipping and transportation to the port. Different companies offer various methods and choosing the best depends on your preferences. Some of them include:

Open auto transport

Due to being less expensive, open auto transport one of the most used car transporting methods in the US. Depending on the size of the carrier truck and the size of the cars, up to 10 cars can be transported at once. On reaching the port, the designated staff offloads the cars safely and loads them into the ship.

Enclosed auto transport

Though somewhat pricier, enclosed auto transport means that your car will be transported to the port in a closed container along with no more than 2 other cars. The vehicles will be protected against external elements. The risk of the vehicle getting damaged is significantly reduced. Note that special ramps are used to get the car into the truck. Customers who choose this transportation method typically ship luxury or classic cars.

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