Shipping Motorcycle to Europe from USA

We have been shipping motorcycles to Europe for over 25 years! You can be assured if you ship a Harley Davidson to Europe, or any other motorcycle, that you will get it in the same condition when it was handed to us. Motorcycles are the 2nd most common type of vehicles we ship, behind autos. Every country in Europe has its own set of import regulations. If you need us to schedule a truck driver to pick up your motorcycle and bring it to the departure port, we can easily arrange it. We also ship motorcycles from Canada to Europe. The ships have a route they follow starting from the US, so the price is almost always the same for many Eastern European countries. Many customers and European motorcycle dealerships purchase over the internet on sites like eBay Motors and use our services to ship motorcycles to Europe. There are two shipping methods to select from when shipping a motorcycle to Europe, RoRo Ship and Container Ship, covered below.

Important: When shipping a motorcycle to Europe, our competitors cannot compete with our pricing. Our solid relationship with the US Military has allowed anyone in Europe to benefit from our low pricing on our shipping lines. Your motorcycle can be shipped using one of three shipping methods: 1) RoRo (Roll on Roll off) and 2) Container.

Shipping a Motorcycle to Europe via RoRo1) Motorcycle RoRo (Roll on Roll off) Shipping

Your motorcycle must be able to “Roll On and Roll Off” the ship without any mechanical assistance. If your motorcycle is shipped via RoRo, it will be strapped and braced as shown on the image to your right. The motorcycles are strapped to the ship’s deck to minimize movement while the ship rocks at sea. It prevents it from slipping and sliding. In this picture we are shipping Harley Davidsons to Europe. If you look closely you will notice the tires can’t move because they locked to the metal protector. In addition, we put adequate space between the motorcycles to protect them.

While many people ship a motorcycle to Europe, others ship mopeds, trikes, golf carts, dirt bikes, ATVs, and other types of off-road vehicles. The RoRo shipping method is great especially if you only need to ship one motorcycle. For people or businesses that need to ship multiple motorcycles at once, consider using the container shipping method.


Shipping a Motorcycle to Europe via Container2) Motorcycle Container Shipping

This is an excellent motorcycle shipping method for dealerships in Europe. Many motorcycles can safely fit into the container. The more motorcycles shipped inside a container, the cheaper it is to ship. Sometimes we have many motorcycles from different customers who are shipping to the same country. We group them together in to a container to save them money. Shipping a motorcycle to Europe via container is just as safe as the RoRo shipping method. We will always give you the lowest price first by default.


Marine Insurance for RoRo or Container Shipping

While accidents are rare, we highly recommend purchasing the optional marine insurance to protect your valuable motorcycle from loss or damage. Any vessel WILL rock while at sea so when shipping a motorcycle to Europe, opt for the marine insurance. It is really cheap for motorcycles so it is almost always worth the small investment. The amount of coverage will depend on the value you want to insure it for.

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While other methods of shipping motorcycles to Europe exist, only use RoRo or Container shipping for your motorcycle. ONLY use a well solid company that specializes in shipping motorcycles from USA to Europe. Try not use a company who has limited experience. You don’t want to run into customs problems using them.

There are many motorcycle shipping companies like our friends at AA Motorcycles that only ship within the USA. Visit them if you don’t plan on shipping a bike overseas.

This is what we ship:

Motorcycles ATVs
Dirt Bikes Trikes
Mopeds Other Off-Road Vehicles

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This information was written by Francisco Meza.

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