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Your outstanding customer service and flexibility with our constantly changing itinerary ensured smooth transport of our family vehicle. Thanks for the help!

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press releases that unveil the latest services in international car shipping.
  • Shipping a car to Europe has never been easier!

    Over the past 34 years, Ship Overseas, a leading international car shipping company, has earned the trust of 1000s of customers, to ship their car from the USA to Europe safely and successfully. It is the businesses and people that weve supported that have allowed us to offer simplistic solutions for car shipping to Europe. As the years go by, weve found a common theme. Clients are looking for support when it comes to shipping cars from USA to Europe during the winter months. It is out of our desire to support the process of car shipping to Europe that we have outlined some key elements to consider when shipping overseas during the winter season.

  • Ship Overseas Competitive Rates to the UK and Germany

    Ship Overseas Inc. is offering competitive rates on international car shipping to the UK and Germany. The new competitive rates are a result of providing more than one shipping method to our customers. Ship Overseas Inc. is now offering competitive rates on international car shipping to the UK and Germany. The new competitive rates are a result of providing more than one shipping method to our customers. There are some ports from which RoRo shipping isn’t possible; therefore, to provide better cost advantages, Ship Overseas Inc. provides containerized shipping of your vehicle.

  • Ship Overseas Car Shipping Rates for Students to the Middle East

    You got into your dream school. The only thing is, it’s half-way around the world. Depending on the location of your school, nearby necessities, and other factors, you may need a car to get around. Instead of worrying about what to do with your current car or how you will ever find a new car for your short stay overseas, you can choose instead to ship your car with you using Ship Overseas Inc. This company offers competitive car shipping options to the following Middle Eastern countries:

    • United Arab Emirates (Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi)
    • Saudi Arabia (Dammam, Jeddah, and Riyadh)
    • Jordan (Aqaba)
    • Qatar (Hamad)
    • Lebanon (Beirut)
    • Kuwait (Kuwait City)
    • Oman (Sohar)

    Some countries may have shipping restrictions based on the age of the car and type of vehicle. For specific shipping and import restrictions by country, visit the page here.

  • New Multi-Story Car Park in Port of Southampton

    A new multi-story car park was constructed in the Port of Southampton, UK, and is in control of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) shipping line. The newly built car park is named Prince of Wales and is the sixth multi-story car park in the Port of Southampton. It’s also the largest car park in control of WWL.

    The Prince of Wales car park will have the capacity of 3,400 spaces. It will enhance WWL Southampton’s ability to meet the current demands in volume and as well as future growth.

    Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics is contracted with Ship Overseas for providing RoRo shipping services and is our top shipping line; 26.1% of Ship Overseas RoRo shipping has been done through WWL since January 1, 2017.

    With the increase in capacity of WWL Southampton, Ship Overseas will also be able to accommodate the growing demand for car shipping to and from the UK.

  • Ship Overseas’ Shipping Volume to Central America Rises

    Ship Overseas marked the middle of the third business quarter with a growth in car shipping volume to Central America, compared to the volume recorded within the same time period in 2016. Some of the countries where the growth was recorded include: Guatemala (311% growth), Costa Rica (63%) and Puerto Rico (53%).

    The increase in the shipping volume to Central America is primarily to be owed to Ship Overseas’ shift in shipping alliances, as well as a change of marketing strategy. Jack Friedman, President of Ship Overseas, says that the company’s website integration with the online platform also played a significant part. Namely, the integration makes it easier to track car shipping activities and boosts customer convenience.

    Ship Overseas provides RoRo shipping services to Central America, whose volume is likely to go up further by the end of 2017.

  • Ship Overseas Bets on RoRo Shipping for Business Growth

    Ship Overseas is eyeing business growth opportunities and investing in the enhancement of RoRo shipping service volume. The company’s announcing its plan to double the volume of car shipping via RoRo by the end of 2017.

    Car shipping overseas and RoRo shipping in particular have been recognized by Ship Overseas as segments with immense potential for business growth. Namely, the company had the highest volume of motor vehicle shipping via RoRo in its second quarter finalized in June 2017. Compared to 2016, there was a 20% increase in volume.

    Ship Overseas is confident that the enhancement will contribute to sustainable business growth, given the collaboration with Höegh Autoliners shipping line, a General Motors 2016 Supplier of the Year, with which Ship Overseas is contracted for providing RoRo shipping services.

  • Ship Overseas’ Höegh Autoliners Wins 2016 Supplier of the Year

    Ship Overseas is happy to offer congratulations to Höegh Autoliners for winning the GM 2016 Supplier of the Year award. The award was presented at General Motors’ 25th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony on March 31, 2017. This is the 13th time that Höegh Autoliners has been presented with this recognition.


    Ship Overseas is contracted with Höegh Autoliners shipping line for providing the RoRo shipping service. As an internationally recognized shipping company, Ship Overseas is happy to have a reliable partner such as Höegh Autoliners and to be able to guarantee excellent customer care. Höegh Autoliners’ customer-centric innovations, ethics and trustworthiness have also streamlined the RoRo shipping process for Ship Overseas clients.

  • Shipping your car overseas if you are in the military

    When you receive your PCS orders you’re entitled to ship your privately owned vehicle (POV) from or between locations overseas. If you wish to ship your POV overseas it must be authorized on your orders. Alternate ports may be used if approved by the military traffic management command (MTMC). Requests to use an alternate port should be addressed to the Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO).

    Your owned or leased POV may be shipped to your new duty station at the government’s expense. If you want to make your own arrangements to ship your own POV, consult your sponsor and transportation office for any restrictions. You may have to pay an import duty on a second POV. Your local transportation office has information on the host country’s restrictions.

  • Does You Vehicle Meet Import Restrictions?

    Never assume that the vehicle you currently own can be shipped to your post of assignment. Many countries place import restrictions on vehicles based on age. Confirm with the Management Officer at post that the automobile you plan to take will pass customs import requirements and is acceptable and appropriate for the terrain. For European postings, large SUVs may not be able to be parked in embassy-assigned parking garages. Also ask your post whether you will need to ship spare parts. Purchase spare parts if post has indicated that you will need them.

Important info to Ship a Car Overseas:
  • No car can leave USA if it has a lien on it. What does this mean? Your car must be paid in full. The only people who can ship a car overseas and still carry a lien on the car are US Military and Government employees/contractors. For those people a letter of authorization from the lender will need to be issued to pass US Customs. Otherwise the car may be considered stolen.
  • A clear Title of Ownership with no Liens on the Title.
  • If you bought a car new, then your name must be listed on the front of the Title as the registered owner.
  • If the vehicle has been sold, then both the Seller and Buyer have to sign the back of the Title in the spaces as detailed on the back of the Title.
  • For safety reasons, the vehicle cannot have more than a ¼ tank of gas.
Import Duty for Destination Country:
  • Import duty is NOT collected by Ship Overseas. It must be paid at the arrival port by whoever is picking up the car. We wrote a blog post about vehicle import duty here. It talks about how to find out import duty for your country.
Travel & Living Abroad:
  • Most countries will allow a traveler to temporarily import their car for up to 6 months. After the 6 months is up, import duty will be charged. For many travelers going to Europe and taking their car, a deposit is paid up front. When the car goes back to it's destination country, the deposit is refunded. If a person has lived in USA for 1 or more years, most countries will allow that person to bring their car back duty free! The car must not have any liens on it. Please check with your Customs Department first.