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Your outstanding customer service and flexibility with our constantly changing itinerary ensured smooth transport of our family vehicle. Thanks for the help!

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ship overseas

is a world leader in transporting and shipping of breakbulk and oversize cargo across the Globe and the United States. With over 36 years of unsurpassed expertise in transporting and shipping high, heavy, and super loads, we offer our customers the safest, fastest, and most efficient way to transport breakbulk cargo worldwide.

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5 reasons ship overseas is the safer and smarter choice to transport your heavy breakbulk cargo

Transporting breakbulk cargo presents several challenges, like the risk of damages, delay penalties and missed connections to name a few. At Ship Overseas, our unparalleled attention to details ensures the highest quality of cargo handling, and the peace of mind for our customers.

The highly experienced logistics team at Ship Overseas works very closely with our customers, to understand their needs and special requirements they may have. The 5 reasons why a constellation of industrues find Ship Overseas the safer and smarter choice to handle and ship their oversize cargo:

  • Unparalleled attention to details from initial preparation to execution
  • Lower total cost and less time and money wasted
  • Increased safety and unmatched cargo handling quality
  • Access to the industry’s most modern breakbulk vessels and specialized hauling equipment
  • Reliable shipping timetable and GPS-enabled tracking

Industries we serve

  • Investment in new or upgraded infrastructure in the oil and gas industry, is often driven by global financial volatility, fluctuating demand, and regions with inadequate infrastructure. Ship Overseas helps its customers in the oil and gas industry move their heavy and/or oversized equipment safely and securely while meeting its short lead time requirements. We provide proper handling and stowage services for oil and gas equipment like:

    – Piping
    – Drilling Rigs
    – Refinery Equipment
    – Replacement Parts
    – Skidded Process Units
    – Frac Tanks
    – Well Heads
    – Pump Jacks

    Ship Overseas stable and reliable logistics services can help you avoid disruption to MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) schedules, and logistics costs.

  • The global drive for renewable energy is fueling the demand for power generation and distribution equipment. This equipment is some of the heaviest to transport with major logistical challenges. Ship Overseas partners with a global network of reliable ocean freighters and heavy haulers, including customized equipment solutions for power generation, to ensure the steady and safe flow of new equipment such as:

    – Generators
    – Steam and Gas Turbines
    – Combined Heat and Power Units
    – Wind Power
    – Other Power Equipment Generation
    – Distribution Equipment

    Our vast experience in safely handling your equipment, guarantees a secure and smooth move for your heavy equipment.

  • The constant pursuit of the mining industry to increase their equipment productivity through refurbishment and relocation, while OEMs focus on disruptive technologies and exploration of new markets. Ship Overseas provides the logistical solutions to meet these challenges for the mining industry. We offer cost effective solutions in cargo handling. storage, processing, maintenance, and inland and ocean transportation for a wide variety of mining equipment:

    – Dump & Haul Trucks
    – Bulldozers
    – Track Loaders & Wheel Loaders
    – Excavators
    – Drilling Rigs
    – Trenchers & Scrapers
    – Conveyor Belts

    We offer a seamless move for all your mining equipment through our global ocean and inland logistics network, to ensure your cargo arrives in perfect condition.

  • The need to provide effective and environmentally sound transportation solutions, is driving the rail industry to deal with the steady increase in demand for equipment. Ship Overseas understands the wide range of challenges this increase in demand presents, from fitting high-volume product deliveries within tight time frames to ensuring damage free delivery. We provide custom and cost effective equipment solutions for rail machinery such as:

    – Locomotives
    – Cabooses
    – Rail Cars
    – Streetcar Trolleys
    – Diesel Engines
    – Switching Equipment
    – Rails and Rail Ties
    – Boxcars and Refrigerated Boxcars
    – Flatcars
    – Covered Hoppers
    – Gondolas
    – Tank Cars
    – Auto Racks

    Ship Overseas delivers efficient solutions from high-quality cargo handling to fast turnaround and final delivery that gives you peace of mind.

  • Economic development in residential and commercial projects, including investments in private and public infrastructure, are key drivers in the demand for construction equipment. Ship Overseas has a long track record of providing cost-efficient inland and ocean transportation solutions that give you the flexibility to dispatch your construction equipment at the right time to its desired destination. We provide logistics solutions for a wide range of construction equipment:

    – Excavators
    – Backhoe
    – Dragline Excavator
    – Bulldozers
    – Graders
    – Wheel Tractor Scraper
    – Trenchers
    – Loaders
    – Tower Cranes
    – Pavers
    – Compactors
    – Telehandlers
    – Feller Bunchers
    – Dump Trucks
    – Pile Boring and Driving Machines

    Our innovative transportation solutions are well planned and competently executed to prevent damages to your construction equipment.

  • With the rapid growth of air travel, the need to switch to new and more fuel-efficient aircraft to maintain a competitive cost base, have driven lengthy order books for OEMs and added significant pressure on their supply chains. Ship Overseas has the experience and expertise to provide creative handling and safe transportation solutions for a punctual delivery of your sub-assemblies from factory to factory. We offer a wide range of logistics solutions for:

    – Airplanes and Helicopters
    – Airplane Fuselages
    – Airplane Wings
    – Aviation Testing Equipment
    – Airplane Tail Sections
    – Aviation Wind Tunnels
    – Aviation Hangars
    – Runway Pavers
    – Aviation Control Towers
    – Aviation Electronics
    – Jet Engines

    Our cost-efficient transportation solutions provide the delivery performance OEMs demand from their suppliers.

  • Shipping steel and steel products require specific handling based on its type and individual characteristics such as shape, weight, sensitivity and texture. Ship Overseas provides a wide range of transportation solutions and equipment options to ensure product delivery in perfect condition. Our solutions are a perfect fit for:

    – Steel Plates and Beams
    – Steel Tubes and Coils

    Whether it’s cold-rolled or hot-rolled, we offer full door to door logistics solutions for all types of steel products without the need for special packaging or restrictions.

  • Raw rubber often faces a long journey across the oceans from plantations to production plants, Ship Overseas provides safe and secure inland and ocean transportation solutions for all kinds of natural and synthetic rubber products, on pallets or in metal crates.

    Our logistics solutions protects your product from the elements and delivered ready for production.

  • From businesses requiring office mobility on job sites, to organizations erecting temporary housing for disaster relief, Ship Overseas offers a range of innovative transportation solutions for:

    – Mobile Office
    – Portable Storage
    – Modular Home
    – Container Office
    – Mobile Home

    We provide an unrivaled quality in the handling and transportation of your mobile home or office to its destination.

  • Agricultural output and crop prices, are key factors in the demand for agricultural equipment, and farmers will always need new and more efficient equipment. Ship Overseas specializes in smooth logistics solutions for a full range of agricultural products:

    – Tractor
    – Backhoe
    – Front-End Loader
    – Cultivator
    – Cultipacker
    – Plows
    – Harrows
    – Plastic Mulch Layer
    – Irrigation System
    – Seed Drills
    – Broadcast Seeder
    – Transplanter
    – Wheel Rakes
    – Balers
    – Harvester

    Our transportation expertise ranges from inland distribution, ocean transportation to customs clearance.

  • Since transportation cost is one of the major concerns when dealing with boat and yacht customers, Ship Overseas provides cost-efficient inland and ocean transportation solutions, including cradling, stowing of smaller boats, and crane operations for large yachts. Our transportation solutions can accommodate:

    – Motorboats
    – Sailboats
    – Yachts
    – Houseboats
    – Tugboats and Towboats
    – Ferries
    – Fishing Vessels

    We provide affordable transport logistics solutions with the quality and punctuality of transportation that meet your satisfaction.

  • As economies grow, so does the need for more trucks to deliver goods for different markets, and for buses to transport people to highly traveled areas. Ship Overseas has the logistics solutions to deliver your trucks and/or buses in pristine condition, regardless if it’s chassis or fully built up units. We have the capability through our global logistics network to deliver:

    – Refrigerator Truck
    – Semi-trailer
    – Tank Truck
    – Garbage Truck
    – Coach
    – School Bus
    – Transit Bus
    – Double-decker Bus
    – Ambulance
    – Fire Truck

    Our seamless solution covers inland distribution, ocean transportation, and customs clearance.


Please complete the form below to request a quote, or for any question you may have for shipping your oversize cargo.

    Moving Heavy Loads FAQs
    Oversized shipment and heavy equipment can present logistical challenges, which typically require special handling, optimized routing and additional permits.
    1. What is considered heavy haul freight for ground transport?

    Heavy haul is generally classified as cargo that exceeds a:

    • Width: 8.6 ft
    • Height : 13.6 ft
    • Length: 48-53 ft
    • Gross weight: 80,000 lbs

    In the United States: The federal government requires each state to set its own regulations for oversize and overweight shipments

    2. Are there axle restrictions for transporting oversize cargo?

    Oversize loads also have weight limits based on a per-axle basis. Federal law limits the total weight that can be carried on any axle. Those weight limitations are:

    • Steer axle: 12,000 lbs
    • Single axle: 20,000 lbs
    • Drive axle: 34,000 lbs
    • Tandem axle: 34,000 lbs

    If your cargo exceeds these weight restrictions, it may require equipment with additional axles.

    3. What are the permit requirements for heavy haul freight?

    Heavy haul freight requires appropriate documentation and permits before travel. Typically, permits are issued on a per-shipment basis, and while regulations vary, some shipments may require city, county or municipality-specific permits. Most states issue permits that outline the amount of time the oversized freight can travel (usually 3-5 days) and details about the operating hours. Some commodities may require their own designated permit, as well.

    4. Are there any additional materials that may be needed to transport high and heavy load?

    Any vehicle transporting oversized goods is required by federal law to be marked by special signage or have specific travel accommodations. Here’s an example of what may be required:

    • ‘Oversized Load’ banners: Yellow ‘oversized load banners’ may be placed on the front and rear of any vehicle carrying or traveling with the shipment. Most signs are reversible with “wide load” on one side and “oversized load” on the other.
    • Safety flags: Fluorescent orange or red flags may be placed at the outermost corners of the vehicle.
    • Lights: Some states require vehicles to be equipped with rotating yellow LED lights.
    • Pilot cars: Escort vehicles or ‘pilot cars’ are required to accompany wide loads in some states. Some instances require a shipment to travel with more than one pilot car or to have a police escort.

    5. Are there additional requirements or preparation I need to do for my oversize shipment before shipping?

    It is important to take every precaution possible before shipping to keep your oversized equipment as safe as possible. The typical requirements that are expected from you are:

    • Check if equipment is ship-worthy
    • Remove any batteries.
    • Empty all fluids such as gas or water.
    • Cover any part of the item that you don’t want to be exposed to the outside world or weather.
    • Remove all loose pieces
    • Refer to your original owner’s manual and look up packaging and moving requirements for how your equipment should be precisely secured and packed.
    • Tighten up any loose parts.
    • Know how much your item weighs, and its outside measurements L X W x H. It is an excellent idea to re-measure it.
    • Clearly mark lifting points, lashing points, and center of gravity
    • Item documentation.

    6. Do I need to purchase additional insurance?

    The shipper’s insurance covers your shipment for replacement value. However, it is recommended to always purchase additional insurance to be on the safe side. We can help with that.

    7. What is the difference between Breakbulk and Heavy Breakbulk?

    Heavy breakbulk cargo is cargo weighting more than 100 tons such as generators, turbines and presses.

    8. Am I allowed to ship hazardous cargo?

    Shipment must meet the stringent compliance requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and we will only ship products classified as hazardous cargo when these products are part of or accompanying a larger piece of equipment. High and Heavy products such as excavators, forklifts etc., or any other product with a combustion engine are NOT regarded as a hazardous cargo when loaded on Ro/Ro(Roll-on/Roll-off) vessels.

    9. What are the maximum dimensions and weight limits your ocean vessels can accommodate for a high and heavy equipment?

    Our Mark V RoRo vessels, one of the largest in the industry is designed to support larger and heavier cargo, which can accommodate a wide variety of bulky, heavy cargo with up to 7.1 meters in height and 12 meters wide, and a ramp capacity of up to 500 tons.

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