Purchase Marine Insurance Before You Ship a Car Internationally

FULL Cover Marine Insurance

We offer FULL COVER Marine Insurance against Loss or Damage from the time your vehicle is loaded onto the Vessel for shipment at a rate of 1.75% of the value you wish to Insure for. There is a $500.00 deductible. This ceases after you take delivery of the vehicle at destination. It is not Insured while waiting to be loaded at the shipping lines terminals. Your current Insurance must be in force to cover you against any loss or damage until such time as your vehicle is loaded onto the vessel.

Ship Overseas maximum liability per shipment is $500.00. pursuant to COGSA (Carriage of Goods at Sea Act). Ship Overseas recommends that all shipments be insured for transit cargo insurance (marine insurance) on a first dollar basis for losses incurring in transit.

For vehicles that are recently purchased and have no Insurance please refer to us and we will obtain an extension from the time the vehicle reaches the shipping lines terminal.

When the vehicle is picked up from a home or a dealership the vehicle is automatically covered against LOSS only and not against dents or damage while in transit. Any damage in this regard has to be covered by and a claim made against your Insurance Company that you are insured with .

With Roll on Roll off shipments no goods are permitted in the vehicles so only the vehicle will be insured.

With shared or exclusive container shipments, personal goods are allowed to be packed in the vehicle and in the container but the goods are not insurable against any damage. The personal goods will be insured against total loss only. The vehicle will be insured for damage and or total loss but will not be insured against damage that is caused by goods packed in the vehicle.

For the personal goods to be covered, you will need an itemized packing list of the goods packed in each box and a total count of the boxes and their value. You also need to include the last 6 digits of the vehicles VIN on the packing list. This itemized list must be attached to the original Title, presented and signed for at the terminal when the goods are delivered.

With exclusive containers self loaded by the customer, Marine Insurance will only cover total loss. Total loss cover is when the container is lost or mishandled and the goods in the container are deemed to be damaged to the extent that they cannot be recovered or repaired.

This is Why You Need to Get Marine Insurance Before Shipping a Car!Protect Your Cargo by Getting Marine Insurance.

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