Are you a student from the Middle East who has come to the United States to Study?


There comes a time when you’ve graduated and now need to transport your vehicle back to the Middle East…


What do you do with your vehicle? Do you leave it in the US and buy a new one once you arrive back home?


We’ve provided some essential information below to make the most economical decision when deciding to ship your vehicle internationally.


The best option is likely to ship your vehicle back to the Middle East. It is a no-brainer that shipping a car is a far much cheaper option than buying a new one. Since most students are more concerned about saving money, you can use this opportunity to cut down on the cost of transporting the vehicle to the Middle East. Do not believe in the stories about how expensive it
is to ship a vehicle from the US to a country in the Middle East. It is not as difficult as you may thing. You only need to find the right
company, and the whole process will sail through seamlessly.


You will be surprised by how affordable it can be to ship your car to UAE, Aqaba Qatar, Hamad, Lebanon, Kuwait City, Damman, Riyadh, or Jeddah.


Regardless of the model of your car, ShipOverseas can help ship it to the Middle East. As expected, different shipping methods vary in expenses.


You are free to choose the most appropriate way that will meet your needs.


You can choose to ship the vehicle either by a container, or RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off). Whichever method you prefer, you can rest assured your car is in good hands with our services.


Shipping by ocean container


Here your car is packed into a container before being shipped to the desired destination. There are different sizes of containers which can accommodate a variety of car models. This automatically means that the cost of exporting the car will depend on the container size.


Despite the fact that containers provide some level of protection, proper care is still given priority to ensure that the vehicle
does not get damaged.


Once at the port, your car will be carefully loaded into the container with the help of sophisticated equipment. It doesn’t stop at the loading point. The vehicle is carefully packed in the container, leaving some space for other auto parts among other goods. All these and many other measures are taken to ensure that the car reaches in any part of the Middle East in the
same condition that it was received.


Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO)


This is another alternative and cost-effective way that students can use to ship their vehicles from the US to the Middle East. Just like the containers, an ocean liner is also used to transport cars to their destination. The only difference is that there’s no use of a container. The vehicle is simply driven into a ship that has a special area reserved for vehicles. This area is quite similar to a parking lot, and each car has a reserved spot on the ship. Your vehicle should operable to be driven on and off the ship without any hassle.


RORO is the most preferred method that students can use to ship their cars from the USA to the Middle East. One reason for this is
the price. Up to now, RORO is cheaper than any other method, including containers and flight. As a student, you won’t stress over the cost of shipping your vehicle because with RORO you are using the most economical service available.


A variety of ports in the USA support this shipping method, including New York, Baltimore, Charleston, Jacksonville, Houston, Savannah, and Wilmington. Through RORO, you can ship the car to Jordan, Doha, Kuwait, Jeddah, Bahrain, PortSultan Qaboos and Jebel Ali.


Are you ready to ship your car back to the Middle East?


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Important info to Ship a Car Overseas:
  • No car can leave USA if it has a lien on it. What does this mean? Your car must be paid in full. The only people who can ship a car overseas and still carry a lien on the car are US Military and Government employees/contractors. For those people a letter of authorization from the lender will need to be issued to pass US Customs. Otherwise the car may be considered stolen.
  • A clear Title of Ownership with no Liens on the Title.
  • If you bought a car new, then your name must be listed on the front of the Title as the registered owner.
  • If the vehicle has been sold, then both the Seller and Buyer have to sign the back of the Title in the spaces as detailed on the back of the Title.
  • For safety reasons, the vehicle cannot have more than a ¼ tank of gas.
Import Duty for Destination Country:
  • Import duty is NOT collected by Ship Overseas. It must be paid at the arrival port by whoever is picking up the car. We wrote a blog post about vehicle import duty here. It talks about how to find out import duty for your country.
Travel & Living Abroad:
  • Most countries will allow a traveler to temporarily import their car for up to 6 months. After the 6 months is up, import duty will be charged. For many travelers going to Europe and taking their car, a deposit is paid up front. When the car goes back to it's destination country, the deposit is refunded. If a person has lived in USA for 1 or more years, most countries will allow that person to bring their car back duty free! The car must not have any liens on it. Please check with your Customs Department first.

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