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We ship containers to Germany from USA, with our shipping lines departing from all major ports. Boasting more than 25 years experience shipping containers to Germany, shipped goods range from consumer and capital goods to foods, feeds and beverages. You can also rely on us for shipping industrial supplies and materials, as well as automotive vehicles, such as cars, parts, and engines.

Here’s how it works:Simply let us know the location of the goods, what you are shipping, and the size of the container you need. We will then advise you on the cost of shipping a container to Germany. Once an order is placed, we will authorize your credit card to make sure the funds are there, but we will not charge it at that time. We will send our truck driver to the location with an empty container, once the credit card is authorized. The truck driver will wait while the goods are loaded and the container is sealed. Then, the driver will head to the assigned departure port where the full container is loaded onto a ship destined for Germany. Your responsibility involves mailing the Original Bill of Sale, which must be notarized and sent to our offices for a Customs clearance. A copy of the Bill of Sale, along with a dock receipt (which we will give to you), is given to the truck driver. After all this is done, payment can be made by credit card, check, or bank transfer.

Since we provide the appropriate documents to meet export compliance standards and handle all your container shipping needs, you can focus solely on your business operations. Our goal is to provide our prospective customers with relevant information, help your business efficiently ship containers, and streamline the process for you.

Our goal is to assist your business in expanding and streamlining its exports and/or imports.

Information For USA Based Companies –

If your company is looking to ship a container to Germany, you may need a license when exporting certain types of controlled commodities or goods. You may be confused as to what conditions warrant a license. We can assist you with that once you fill in your quote form. Keep in mind that import duties are paid by the importer (receiver) once the product arrives at the arrival port.

The US Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the governing body responsible for enforcing laws and regulations for all goods exiting the USA. Oftentimes it delegates its authority to other US government agencies when it comes to handling certain controlled commodities or goods. So, you should need commodity licensing requirements, contact that lead agency. Here is one example. A pharmaceutical company in the US looking to ship a container full of prescription drugs to Germany will need to be issued a license from the Drug Enforcement Administration.

If you require more information on agencies, phone numbers, and basic commodities/products which may require export licenses, go to the websites of U.S. Department of Commerce (the most common); Bureau of Industry and Security; Department of State; Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Drug Enforcement Administration; Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Office of Foreign Assets Control; or the Bureau of the Census. Here, you’ll find relevant information from numerous government agencies boasting export control responsibilities. For companies new to the international trade importing/exporting container industry, learn from this helpful source: US Customs & Border Protection – Basic Importing and Exporting. Don’t worry if this is confusing. We will provide a step-by-step process for you.

Companies needing a quote to ship a container to Germany should fill out the quote form. If your shipment requires a permit or license to be exported, we will advise you. Start by clicking the big green “Get Rates” button and let us know what you are shipping.

Information for German Based Companies –

German based businesses that are considering importing goods will need to check if a license is required to import specific types of products. Make sure to get the right license if importing controlled goods because your container shipment can get confiscated. If the company receiving goods in Germany has limited knowledge of import duties and/or permits, barriers to entry may occur and hold up the process. We urge the importer to check German Customs – Imports from Non-EU Countries (this website is in German). Keep in mind it’s the receiver’s responsibility to pay the import duty at pickup in Germany.

Shipping Container Measurements – 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC

Many companies don’t know what type of container to use. For this reason, we supply our container dimensions here. It’s helpful to know whether to use a 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC (High Container) container before asking for a quote, so check the listing out thoroughly. To this end, pricing will be different for each size. The picture to the right illustrates the height difference between a 40ft container and a 40ft HC, with the most common container sizes utilized by our customers being the 20ft container and the 40ft HC.

Marine Insurance – Protecting Your Product

There are many benefits to marine insurance. If your equipment is broken or lost in shipment, legally the person or company on the Bill of Lading is entitled to $500, according to COGSA (Carriage of Goods by Sea Act). Therefore, if you are shipping a container to Germany valued at $75,000 (USD) worth of product, do not forget to insure your container shipment for peace of mind. If damage occurs while at sea, a $500 entitlement will not help the situation. Although damages are rare, the ship is sure to rock while out to sea, so be sure to safely pack your product, especially fragile items that can break, such as electronics. The amount you will pay in marine insurance depends on the product’s stated value. It is highly recommended to protect your assets with marine insurance, although it is optional.

Protect Your Container Shipments with Marine Insurance Each and Every Time



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We have a solid track record and are an Accredited Company registered with the Better Business Bureau. Click the BBB image to the left to validate our A+ Accreditation. When shipping a container to Germany, both the sender and receiver should only work with a BBB Accredited business.


FMCWe are registered with the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission). Click the image to the left and Select “Organization Name” and type in “Ship Overseas”. Here is proof of our FMC Certification (also known as a NVOCC License). Never use an international car shipping company who cannot prove they are certified with the Federal Government.



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