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We now ship containers to the newly formed nation of South Sudan from the USA. We rely on our tried-and-true expertise of helping to streamline your container shipping to help the people in South Sudan. Because we feature shipping lines departing from all major USA ports, we can easily handle all logistics components, shipping any goods you may have, including consumer goods, capital goods, food and beverages, industrial supplies and materials, and automotive vehicles, including cars, parts, and engines.

Here’s how it works:

You may be wondering how we handle the whole process. It’s really easy, and once you get going, you’ll find that it all runs smoothly. When you provide our company with the pertinent shipping information, which includes the type of goods you’re shipping, the desired size of the container you’ll need, and the location where we can pick up the goods, we will give you a price quote on shipping a container to South Sudan based on those parameters. If you decide to place an order, we must make sure you have available funds (authorize the card) to cover the cost, but we won’t actually place a charge on the card until a later time. Upon finding out that the funds are indeed available, we are able to dispatch one of our trusted truck drivers to go and get your goods, wait as they’re loaded into the appropriate container, and then take the sealed container by truck to the closest departure port. Your container then sets sail to Mombasa, Kenya and then transported by truck to its destination in South Sudan. But prior to this, in order to clear Customs, you need to provide us with a notarized Bill of Sale, a copy of which the truck driver needs upon pickup. The driver also needs a dock receipt which we will give to you. When deciding how to make a payment, choose from a variety of secure methods, whether you choose credit card, check, or bank transfer.

This simple process all begins with you filling out a quote form for pricing. At this time, we can also notify you of any licenses required (if any) prior to shipping. We will guide you every step of the way, with a goal of helping you achieve a more streamlined and efficient way to ship containers to South Sudan. This involves securing the appropriate documents to meet export compliance standards, including licenses and permits: just one way we handle all your container shipping needs.

Looking to concentrate more on business operations? Let us take over the hassle of arranging container shipping to South Sudan.

Information For USA Based Companies –

Shipping a container to South Sudan involves securing the appropriate licenses for the export of certain types of commodities/goods. Our company is well versed in those requirements and would be more than willing to advise you on that matter once we get your quote form. When it comes time to pay import duties, the receiver is responsible for these fees when the product arrives. At first, the shipment will go to Kenya, but Kenya allows containers to pass through their lands to South Sudan. Once crossing the South Sudan Border, import duties will need to be paid.

Sometimes, the United States Department of Customs and Border Protection (the governing body responsible for enforcing laws and regulations for all goods exiting the USA) must delegate authority to other USA government agencies when certain commodities are involved. All commodity licensing requirements should be directed to the lead agency in these cases. Want an example of a company that needs a license? Pharmaceutical companies in USA shipping a container to South Sudan are just one type of company that must show a license to export prescription drugs.

Because it’s helpful to know agency information, phone numbers, and basic commodities/products requiring export licenses, we’ve supplied a listing of websites here for your to check out: U.S. Department of Commerce (the most common); Bureau of Industry and Security; Department of State; Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Drug Enforcement Administration; Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Office of Foreign Assets Control; and the Bureau of the Census. Consult these sites for detailed information on government agencies that feature responsibilities in regards to export control for particular goods. Check out this link for updated information on international trade importing/exporting containers: US Customs & Border Protection – Basic Importing and Exporting.

Shipping to South Sudan? Be thorough when filling our your quote form, so as to give us the most accurate information. Then, we can inform you if your shipment requires a permit or license to be exported, plus we can provide you with a cost estimate. Click the big green “Get Rates” button to start the process.


Information for South Sudanian Based Companies –

South Sudan-based companies who are in the business of importing goods should obtain a license before shipping. Although South Sudan is a new country, failure to obtain an import license, if there are any, on certain controlled goods for import, can lead result in a criminal offense in regards to importing controlled goods without a license. Receiving companies (importers) would be wise to be up to date on all import duties and/or permits to ensure a smooth flow of goods. USA-based companies do not pay import duties; rather, the receiver at time of pickup in South Sudan pays these. It is possible that since South Sudan is so new, these import duties are not charged depending on what is shipped.

Shipping Container Measurements – 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC

Since every customer’s needs are different, it only stands to reason that we offer a variety of container sizes to suit your requirements. We offer a selection of 20ft, 40ft, or 40ft HC (High Container) containers, the size of which will determine cost. We have provided container dimensions here to help you determine which size would be best for the type of goods you are transporting. When filling in your quote form, specify whether you need a 20ft, 40ft, or 40ft HC (High Container) container, the height difference of which is illustrated to the right.

Marine Insurance – Protecting Your Product

Protecting your assets is of great importance, especially when legally, the person or company on the Bill of Lading is entitled to only $500 if equipment is broken or lost in shipment, says COGSA (Carriage of Goods by Sea Act). Optional marine insurance protects against accidents, preventing you from a only getting a $500 entitlement on your $100,000 (USD) piece of equipment if damage does occur. And because the ship will rock while at sea, you should also secure your products as well as possible to prevent goods like food from spoiling or electronics from breaking. It’s our job to determine the amount of marine insurance you will need, which varies with the stated product value. Marine insurance is completely optional.


It’s a good idea to go with the marine insurance now to in case of the event of damage or loss.



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We have a solid track record and are an Accredited Company registered with the Better Business Bureau. Click the BBB image to the left to validate our A+ Accreditation. When shipping a container to South Sudan, both the sender and receiver should only work with a BBB Accredited business.


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