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We ship containers of all sizes to Kenya from USA using our quality shipping lines that set sail from all major ports. We can proudly say we have more than 25 years experience shipping containers to Kenya, with our shipped goods ranging from consumer and capital goods to foods, feeds and beverages. You can also count on us to ship industrial supplies and materials, as well as automotive vehicles, such as cars, parts, and engines.

Here’s how it works:Since we provide all necessary documents required for export compliance standards, you can rest easy knowing we are expertly handling all your container shipping needs. This leaves you even more time to focus solely on improving your business operations. Our goal is to provide our prospective customers with relevant & timely information on container shipping to Kenya. It begins with offering accurate container shipping quotes. But it doesn’t end there. We aim to continue to help your business efficiently ship containers to Kenya from USA while streamlining the entire process for you. If you request it, tracking information will be provided so you can stay abreast of all changes.

As far as the actual preliminary process goes, simply let us know the location of the goods, the final destination country, the goods you are shipping, and the size of the container you will need to ship those goods. We can then advise you on the total cost of shipping your container to Kenya. Once an order is placed, don’t worry, we don’t actually charge your card just yet. We will, however, authorize your credit card just to be sure the funds are available. If so, our truck driver will be sent to your location for filling and sealing of the container, then proceed to the assigned departure port. At this point, the container is loaded onto a ship destined for Kenya. Your responsibility involves mailing a notarized original Bill of Sale to us, which is required for Customs clearance. A copy of this document, plus the dock receipt (which we will give), is handed to the truck driver, after which time you can choose to make a payment via credit card, check, or bank transfer to complete the transaction. We will provide you a step by step process so don’t worry if you forget any of the above.

Assisting your business in expanding and streamlining its exports and/or imports is our primary concern

Information For USA Based Companies –

Need to ship a container to Kenya for one of your international customers? First, research must be done to find out if a license is required to export your goods. Don’t know what conditions warrant a license? Fret not, we can tell you this upon receipt of your quote form which can give us more information from which to pull from. At the destination port upon product arrival, the importer (receiver) pays any and all import duties.

The governing body responsible for enforcing laws and regulations on goods exiting the USA — also known as the United States Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) — may find it necessary to delegate its authority to other government agencies in regards to certain types of commodities or goods. This may be necessary, for example, when a brewing company in the US wants to ship a container to Kenya requires a license to export its alcoholic beverages. In these cases, direct commodity licensing would be authorized by the leading authority for alcohol (Bureau of Alcohol).

Those who require more information on agencies, phone numbers, and basic commodities/products that need export licenses can further explore their options at U.S. Department of Commerce (this is the most common); Bureau of Industry and Security; Department of State; Directorate of Defense Trade Controls; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Drug Enforcement Administration; Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Office of Foreign Assets Control; or the Bureau of the Census websites. These sites are the places to visit if you seek timely information from numerous government agencies with export control responsibilities. The international trade importing/exporting container industry can be tricky to keep straight, so newbies can visit US Customs & Border Protection – Basic Importing and Exporting. If you are in the USA and need to find out how much import duties are for your customer, contact the Kenya Embassy in Washington, DC.

Select the “Get Rates” button to fill us in on what you want to ship to Kenya. Get a fast quote from us on cost as well as in regards to any necessary export permits.

Information for Kenya Based Companies –

Businesses based in Kenya must check if a license is required when considering importing controlled goods. Skipping this step can result in a criminal charge. Contact the Kenya Revenue Authority to find more information regarding a possible import license and import duties. It’s wise for the receiving company in Kenya to possess broad knowledge of import duties and/or permits, in order to ensure smooth operations at product entry. Please keep in mind that it is the receiver’s responsibility to pay the import duty at pickup in Kenya.

Shipping Container Measurements – 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC

Many companies don’t know what type of container to use when shipping to Kenya and other countries. This is why we offer convenient container dimensions here for you to determine the right size. Since it’s helpful for us to know whether you want a 20ft, 40ft, 40ft HC (High Container) container before asking for a quote, please select a size to ensure the most accurate pricing. You’ll see by looking to the right that a 40ft container and a 40ft HC have a noticeable difference in height. Even though our most common container sizes are the 20ft container and the 40ft HC, every company’s needs are unique.

Marine Insurance – Protecting Your Product

If your equipment is broken or lost in shipment, you don’t want to be responsible for something that could have been easily prevented. You should know that legally, the person or company on the Bill of Lading is entitled to $500, according to COGSA (Carriage of Goods by Sea Act),if a shipment is lost or damaged. If you are a customer shipping a piece of equipment worth $100,000 (USD), then, be sure to opt for the marine insurance, as a $500 entitlement will not help the situation. It’s worth saying that damages are rare, but we can’t guarantee they won’t happen. The ship is sure to rock while out to sea, and this may mean your valuables, such as electronics, will move around quite a bit during shipment. Pack them well so they emerge from their containers the same way they went in. If you’re wondering about the amount of marine insurance you’ll need to cover all your goods, we can help you determine that based on the product’s value.

Don’t Take a Risk: Be Sure to Protect Your Container Shipments with Marine Insurance!


All container shipping to Kenya arrives in Mombasa


Arrival Ports – Container Shipping to Kenya
Mombasa, Kenya


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