Shipping a Car to UAE from USA

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09 Dec 2013
Very professional. Needed car as a birthday gift in August and in Dubai. It was a milestone birthday. Ship overseas ensured that car arrived timely. no issues. They even had to sail car on a faster route as soon as I indicated it was for a milestone birthday
Destination Country - Dubai
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Anonymous Customer
09 Oct 2013
All was very good. The price was very good, speed of delivery not the best, but absolutely fair for what I paid. Communication was not always the friendliest, but still absolutely acceptable. Overall, I would do it again.
Destination Country - United Arab Emirates
Shopper Approved Review
08 Oct 2013
Great service quick and easy at a great price!
Destination Country - United Arab Emirates
Shopper Approved Review

USA Departure Ports & UAE Arrival Ports

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roro car shipping to UAE

Shipping a Car to UAE via RoRo

Most likely we will send your car via RoRo (Roll on Roll off) if only one car is being shipped to UAE. Our RoRo ship arrives in Jebel Ali. The sailings are usually quicker too. This makes it relatively faster for customers to purchase vehicles in most states in USA and have them trucked at reasonable rates to the ports.

The car must run, drive and have brakes to be shipped on this method. No goods are permitted inside of the vehicle except the jack and spare tire. Destination clearing agents are provided to assist in legalizing the vehicle in UAE.

Once your car is on the ship, it'll be strapped to the deck so your car will not move on it's journey to UAE.

container car shipping to UAE

Container Car Shipping to UAE

Normally we ship cars via container when 2 or more cars are being sent or personal items need to be shipped in the trunk of the car.

If you are going to send personal items, you can pack boxes into the trunk of the vehicle, but the weight cannot exceed 150 pounds.

This image illustrates one of our container shipping lines exporting cars to UAE. By using the container car shipping method, your car would be loaded into a container and lifted onto the container ship with a crane. Shared containers with other cars are available from some ports, but not all. Exclusive container shipments are also available whereby a customer may load more than one vehicle. The only drawback of using container shipping is the shipping line will not send a partially filled container. This means your shipment may be delayed for a week or so until the rest of the container is filled.

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