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Tomar - Manama, Bahrain
My first time to do shipping; great job from Ship Overseas! No issues encountered.
Destination Country - Bahrain, Manama
Shopper Approved Review
Will - Manama, Bahrain
I hope they could improve more their communication system. Reaching them through phone took me to wait a little longer. I just wanted to know how my car went on. However, delivery arrived just on time and my motorcycle was free from dent, scratches or damages.
Destination Country - Bahrain, Manama
Shopper Approved Review
brent - IL, United States
Ship Overseas made our shipping as safe, quick and cost effective as possible. From start to finish, their professional team arranged and shipped our car with care. We will not forget Paul for his great dedication.
Destination Country - BAHRAIN
Shopper Approved Review
Aashiq - KY, United States
Well job done by Ship Overseas! Our car was picked up on time and it arrived in Bahrain without delay.
Destination Country - BAHRAIN
Shopper Approved Review
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USA Departure Ports. Arrival Port is Manama.

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RoRo Car Shipping to Bahrain

We will ship your car using the RoRo (Roll on Roll off) car shipping method if you are sending only one car to Bahrain. The pier will have hundreds of cars that will need to be driven onto the ship. This means your car must be able to roll up and down the ramp of the RoRo ship. Absolutely nothing can be inside the car except for the jack and spare tire.

Once your car is aboard the ship, it'll be braced onto the deck to keep it from shifting around while the ship is underway. RoRo is normally the least expensive form of shipping cars.

There are many RoRo departure ports listed above. If you're close to one, you can meet us there and save your money.

There really aren't any drawbacks to shipping via RoRo. The shipping line requires a maximum of 1/4 tank of gas for safety purposes. Anything more than that and it'll be drained.

Container Car Shipping to Bahrain

This car shipping method is used when a customer is sending 2 or more vehicles to Bahrain. It is also used when the customer has to ship additional items within the car's trunk. While RoRo ships will not allow anything inside the car, container ships do. A maximum of 150 pounds can be stored into your trunk. You'll have to package things tight because the ship will rock when it's sailing. You can buy the optional Marine Insurance for added protection.

The only drawbacks of using container shipping is when it's going in a shared container, which is the most common situation. Normally there is no problem, but if your car is the only one in the container, you will need to wait about 1 week before we can put more cars inside to fill it. This can lead to a small delay.

It is normally more expensive to ship cars to Bahrain via container. By default we will always quote the least expensive form of shipping.

The only other times we sue containers is when a customer is shipping an exotic car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

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