Shipping a Car to UK from USA


Steve - May-13-2014
Professional and dependable shipping experience
Destination Country: England
Shopper Approved Review

Martyn - July-3-2014
First class service
Destination Country: UK
Shopper Approved Review

Mr Toner - July-4-2014
I used Shipoverseas to ship my motorcycle trailer with two motorcycles to the UK. They provided a good service and everything worked out for me and would use them again.
Destination Country: UK
Shopper Approved Review"
Steph Thackeray - May-13-2014
We shipped a new Indian motorcycle with these guys and I can't fault them. It was the first time we have shipped anything and I will definitely used them again. They handled everything for us, answered all my questions, and delivered without a hitch. I was obviously nervous transporting my precious cargo from US to UK but it arrived faster than expected in perfect condition and I couldn't ask for better service. Thanks guys (especially Gary and Paula who were probably glad it arrived!!!).
Destination Country: UK
Shopper Approved Review

ALISTAIR HOBB - May-15-2014
Destination Country: ENGLAND UK
Shopper Approved Review"

VA, United States written by on 12 Dec 2013
4/5 star0star1star2star3star4
The quote was made promptly/accurately. All proceeded as the company said, and all services were rendered according to our agreement. I could have asked for more, really. Shopper Approved Review

CO, United States written by on 22 Sep 2013
5/5 star0star1star2star3star4
There was some confusion as to exactly which documents needed to be provided to whom at various parts of the transport of the bike, but overall everything went very smoothly.Shopper Approved Review

Kerry, Ireland written by on 13 Sep 2013
5/5 star0star1star2star3star4
from the start to the end of transaction all contacts was fast and professional. My plan is to buy more cars from US by help from shipoverseas company. Shopper Approved Review

Laois, Ireland written by on 09 Aug 2013
5/5 star0star1star2star3star4
I’ve used twice now and on both occasions they have been very professional and courteous. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone Shopper Approved Review

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Get Cost to Ship a Car to UK Here.

When shipping a car to the UK, the RoRo method is the best if you are only shipping one car and nothing else. Your car must simply be able to drive up and down the ramp of the RoRo Ship without any mechanical help. Absolutely no items are allowed in the car except for the spare tire and jack. If you are shipping 2 or more vehicles to UK, we will probably send it via container ship because it'll be less expensive. Unlike RoRo, with container ships you can send a maximum of 150 pounds of personal belongings inside the car.

USA Departure Ports & UK Arrival Ports

Departure Ports for RoRo Car Shipping to UK
Tacoma, WA; Long Beach, CA; Galveston, TX; Brunswick, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Charleston, SC; Baltimore, MD; Newport News, VA; Portsmouth, VA; Newark, NJ
Arrival Ports for RoRo Car Shipping in UK
Liverpool (from Baltimore, MD & Newark, NJ); Southampton (from Baltimore, MD & Newark, NJ); Southampton (all other shipping lines)
Departure Ports for FULL Container Car Shipping to UK
Oakland, CA; Long Beach, CA; Houston, TX; Miami, FL; Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; Newark, NJ
Departure Ports for SHARED Container Car Shipping to UK
Long Beach, CA; Houston, TX; Miami, FL; Charleston, SC; Newark, NJ
Arrival Ports for Container Car Shipping in UK
Felixstowe, UK; Thames Port, UK; Tilbury, UK

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