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When shipping a car to the UK, the RoRo method is the best if you are only shipping one car and nothing else. Your car must simply be able to drive up and down the ramp of the RoRo Ship without any mechanical help. Absolutely no items are allowed in the car except for the spare tire and jack. If you are shipping 2 or more vehicles to UK, we will probably send it via container ship because it'll be less expensive. Unlike RoRo, with container ships you can send a maximum of 150 pounds of personal belongings inside the car.

USA Departure Ports & UK Arrival Ports

Departure Ports for RoRo Car Shipping to UK
Tacoma, WA; Long Beach, CA; Galveston, TX; Brunswick, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Charleston, SC; Baltimore, MD; Newport News, VA; Portsmouth, VA; Newark, NJ
Arrival Ports for RoRo Car Shipping in UK
Liverpool (from Baltimore, MD & Newark, NJ); Southampton (from Baltimore, MD & Newark, NJ); Southampton (all other shipping lines)
Departure Ports for FULL Container Car Shipping to UK
Oakland, CA; Long Beach, CA; Houston, TX; Miami, FL; Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC; Newark, NJ
Departure Ports for SHARED Container Car Shipping to UK
Long Beach, CA; Houston, TX; Miami, FL; Charleston, SC; Newark, NJ
Arrival Ports for Container Car Shipping in UK
Felixstowe, UK; Thames Port, UK; Tilbury, UK

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