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James r - MA, United States
01 Aug 2013
I was so skeptical and nervous about handing my car over. I did little or too little research into this company. To my amazement the price was right and the delivery was flawless. All timetables were met or were early! Use this shipper!!!
Destination Country - Switzerland
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USA Departure Ports & Switzerland Arrival Cities

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Container car shipping to Switzerland

Container Shipping to Switzerland

It is common to ship vehicles in exclusive and shared containers from various terminals in USA to Basel, Zurich, and Geneva. Once the car arrives to one of the shipping docks, it is transported by container to a selected city (Basel, Zurich or Geneva). Here are a few reasons to use a container to ship a car to Switzerland:

  • The owner doesn't want to drive from the port all the way to Switzerland
  • There are additional items being sent inside the car
  • Two or more cars are being shipped
  • There is an exotic car like a Ferrari inside and it needs extra protection from nature

    If you are shipping additional items inside the car, an itemized list along with the values must be provided. There is a maximum weight limit of 150 pounds of personal belongings that can go into your vehicle.Read more about loading personal possessions in a container.

  • Wallenius RoRo ship

    RoRo Car Shipping to Switzerland

    Another popular method is to ship the vehicles to Switzerland in RoRo ship (Roll on Roll off) to either Belgium or Germany. From there the customers either drive the cars or arrange the agent in those countries to truck the vehicles to Switzerland.

    When using the RoRo method, nothing is permitted to be in the car except for the spare tire and jack. Your car must be in good working order to drive up and down the ramp without mechanical assistance.

    Using a RoRo ship is MUCH cheaper than using a container to ship your car. The only drawback of using a RoRo ship is you, or the designated person, has to pick up the car at the arrival port.

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